Core collection Big Boy lead

Core collection Big Boy lead


Our signature lead. These are super chunky and soft. Super luxurious with complimenting whipping and hardware. Perfect for big dogs and those that just like a thicker rope. These leads will come with a snap hook with a break load of 260kg as standard. 14mm thickness.


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  • Care instructions

    I recommend hand washing for all rope products. 
    I have dyed these to be colour run resistant, though best results to keep the vibrancy is to gently wash by hand, machine washing could also damage the rope fibres, this is a natural product after all.

  • Length

    My rope leads will vary in length from 4-5 ft. If you would like a long or short length, just specify long or short in the comments. If you do not specify I will send the length I feel perfect for you. 

    Shrinkage during the dying process is a natural progression, hence the range in sizes. 

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