The Multi lead

The Multi lead


The perfect lead for multi dog walkers. This double ended lead is the perfect way to avoid the dreaded 'twisted lead' palaver. Made of a top piece of 14mm Big Boy rope, a solid 5mm brass ring attaching 2 12mm rope pieces and 2 solid brass snap hooks. Measuring a total of approximately 4.5-5ft, this is a super substantial lead. And when you're walking two of your precious pooches, substance is definitely what you want. All leads are made with a Naked[natural] top piece, then your choice of colour for the 2 lead pieces. I can vouch that these make walking 2 dogs a joy!

If ordering Military Moss and would like Camo whipping, leave a note. Otherwise it comes with olive.


As always, watch for wear and tear. The break load is 180kg in total for these, not recommended for extreme pullers.

Allow 2-3 weeks to make and dispatch [does not include shipping time]


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3/19/2022, 10:04:00 AM